WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

After going through the list of the Blogging platforms , the question comes into mind difference between WordPress.org and Worpress.com.If yes then you are at the right spot.

This article would be complete guide to it

So let’s get started with a little brief up.


The WordPress.org is the blogging platform which is empowering 25% of the website available including me . Every one website out of four is made up by WordPress.org which is just wow!

The software is available for free , no need to spend a penny isn’t it eye-catching .

To use this you just have to register a Domain name like me , Ex http://www.pileupblogs.com and buy a good hosting for hosting your website . From there you can download WordPress for absolutely free.


Pros of WordPress.org

The most popular such platform on the web

Massive number of designs available.

Massive number of plugins available.

Great community – you will always find someone to help you out with a challenge.

Full control of the website .

Professionalism in domain name

No problem with showing up of ads like Google AdSense .

Cons of WordPress.org

Little bit tricky and confusing in the start.

Need to register the custom domain.

No hosting included.

Learning process if you’re just getting started.

Setting up your site to suit your needs perfectly can take several days.



It is the hosted blogging platform built with the WordPress. Or in other words instead of downloading it from the site of your host , you have to sign up for it at http://WordPress.com and you have your blog ready within fraction of seconds .

It is also free to use software with a little twist.  There are  three plans available: $0 for basic blogging, $99 for professional blogging, $299 for advanced business solutions.

You don’t need any domain or hosting for it you will we provided with a sub domain such as www.example.wordpress.com and hosting for free . If you need a custom domain then there are several plans available.

The WordPress is quite easy as the main load of work like buying and hosting a Domain are taken care of . However you still need to configure the dashboard which is quite easy ,plus there is an official setting up guide available.

so that you might have been prepared with some understanding about WordPress both model.

Pros of WordPress.com

Get started in minutes.

Hosting and sub domain included.

Startup guide is provided

You can use it for free in first stage.


Cons of WordPress.com

No possibility to install custom themes.

No plugins.

WordPress.com can pull the plug on your blog at any time if they find your actions not in tune with their rules

You are the sub owner of your domain , the owner WordPress have all the authority.

Problem will setting up third-party ads.

The domain name look highly unprofessional.


Professionalism and monetization

if you need to make cash off your blog then you have to go for Self-hosted WordPress.ORG ,it let you to effortlessly monetize the weblog with Adsense advertisements or promote your personal products. This genuinely isn’t feasible with the .COM model of WordPress or any of the opposite unfastened websites.

WordPress.com (and some other web hosting blog) will very own all of your blog posts and will display their personal advertisements for random corporations in your weblog. they will make money from your tough work! Plus you won’t be taken as severely if your area call is Pileupblogs.wordpress.com as opposed to self-hosted like mine: Pileupblogs.com. you will be just a worker working under WordPress with no reward.

So, if you don’t care about who advertises on your blog or making money, then go with WORDPRESS.COM but if you want to earn a part-time/full-time income or be taken seriously as a blogger then go with WORDPRESS.ORG and host it yourself. It’s a small investment, but less than one cup of coffee. Trust me.

At end what matters ? The income you generate from your blog, no one want to hold it as a interest , the greed of money in no way ends.

So Self-hosted WordPress.org is better than WordPress.com because you get a custom area and own all your content material. the public of blogs use WordPress for these reasons. Customize the subject, and installation of effective plugins.


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  1. I use wordpress.org, to be honest I didn`t know the difference when I was starting out but I learned this one and I do not want to change it.

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