Top 5 plugins

Top 5 plugins


Around 24% of website are designed through WordPress , so having the knowledge of right plugins are very important . Here are few plugins which are highly recommended by me .


Akismet helps to filter out any comments on your blog that look like spam. The plugin automatically checks comments against the Akismet Web service.

All comments will have a history for users to view that shows which comments were flagged or cleared by Akismet. In addition, those comments that were marked as spam or unmarked by a moderator will be highlighted in the history.


Yoast SEO is the undisputed world champion of all WordPress SEO plugins. The creator of the plugins have gone to extreme lengths to take all the complications out of SEO.

They provide step-by-step instructions on each facet of SEO including real-time feedback as you type into each field with colors and additional instructions that guide you right to where you need to be. This plugin analyzes your titles, descriptions, and content for length, keywords, and so much more.

This are the plugins that the professionals and experts use, and it’s the easiest, most intuitive plugin for novices as well.


With the rise of website attacks taking place across the World Wide Web, it simply can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to have backups of your website in place. Updraft Plus takes care of this for you.

It can be done manually or automatic . It even allows you to create off-site backups by storing the backups on Google Drive, Dropbox, or any of several other options. This means that if your site gets attacked, your backup won’t be touched.

Having your files and database backed up can allow you to restore your site after an attack in a matter of minutes so you can have piece of mind.


Using Google Analytics to track crucial metrics for your blog is a given these days. There’s no such thing as having a website without installing Google Analytics.

In order to do this though, traditionally you would need to add a line of code to the header of your website or WordPress theme. That means if you ever change your WordPress theme, you’d need to remember to do that all over again. This is why we use Google Analytics by Yoast.

Since the plugin handles the Google Analytics integration, you only need to set it up once and even if you change themes, you don’t have to set it up again.

it also allows you to add a few extra tracking parameters for events, downloads, and even which users should be ignored from tracking (like Administrators). It’s the perfect Analytics integration, and we don’t even have a runner up for it.


If you haven’t noticed, my Contact me page has a contact form. I didn’t code it nor did I design it. I just used the Contact form 7.

It’s a very simple and handy plugins for creating different types of contact forms. In contact form 7, you will be able to add different forms and give them names. You can also make some of the boxes as “required“, for example the email address or phone number box. No need for special CSS coding.

The plugins integrates into a post or page by the use of shortcodes, and you can pretty much customize the input forms and drop down menus as to say whatever you like.


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