Single niche vs multi niche

Single niche vs multi niche

Now , while we’re clear about the numerous platform in which we are able to blog on , the following issue that can strike you hard is what will you write . A blogger’s task is full time job and developing particular content is the primary consciousness of the blogger. Without content would any person land in your blog ? A big no , let me specify once more precise and unique content material , not simply content.

So , Hard hitting question is what to blog about .

There are N number of topic available to blog on from the tip of the pen , to the tip of rocket . Today the vastness of topic has boosted the blogging to another platform .

There are two types of bloggers


These bloggers have a selected difficulty or specific niche to blog on. as an instance blog: Dailyblogtips area of interest is running a blog . a topic to blog on , the principle attention is saved on it . Example their whole blog is primarily based on blogging guidelines which you can visit and have


The multi topic bloggers have no particular niche to blog on, their blogs goes from technology from music to sports to art and everywhere else . If I talk about myself I’m multi topic blogger , I don’t have a specific niche (topic) to blog on . I started from film review , then health related topics , sports and then on finally on Blogging.

Now , what is the approach the new budding bloggers should follow

Should I blog on one topic or should I blog on multiple topics?

Should I create one blog for multiple topics or different blogs for each topic?

Well the answer is here your Blog should be such that target , a certain audience. The traffic which once visit your blog must become your regular visitor. Now that is only possible if you have a particular niche .

In case you go to a blog who has a particular niche , you’ll certainly subscribe the blog for in addition updates as it would give you treasured records about the focussed topic. you’ll absolutely come again for the updates.

Now permit it’s a multi area of interest blog ,when you have vacationer for a particular article, they subscribe to your blog and after they revisit you’ve got a article about another niche . it’d not take a minute to unsubscribe you from there list . As an example : you subscribed the blog for blogging guidelines and it suddenly shift to yoga lessons. it’d have adverse effect on your traffic.

This is where the single niche blog Excel over the multi niche blog. When it comes about monetization ,the money you earn from your blog is directly proportional to the visitors you have on your blog. If you start losing your potential visitors , from where are you going to make money ?


In order to retain them you have to be specific , if you start with Blogging tips you must continue with same niche. If you have no thoughts about monetization, it’s your passion then you can blog about anything you dream.

For more details click the image below


The Blogs which have excessive search engine ranking , all are single niche blog. it is difficult for multi subject matter blog to have top rating . search engine like Google and Bing will honestly favour the single area of interest blogs as it would offer higher used experience.

search engine optimization, particularly for a blog that is created and maintained as a source of income, is very crucial. To maintain suitable seo, your blog have to have a unmarried focus.

specific topic – capacity visitors – high seo – high ranking – sooner or later excessive income.

If you are new to blogging start with Blogger or to gain experience then you can choose for self hosted blogs.

Blogging platforms for beginners



Before starting my blogging careers I spent month on research , after the completion of which I have taken up the niche of blogging tips and seo as my main line and I’m pretty sure I will do very well in this line.



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