The reasons of the blogs failure decoded.

The reasons of the blogs failure decoded.

Everyday thousands of blogger start blogging  and hundred of bloggers get out of the race. Either they give up or had lost their interest. There are infinite bloggers but few successful blogs and rest blogs failure.

So the hard-hitting question is:

What qualities make a blog successful?

Why such gap in bloggers and successful blog? 

How to avoid Blogs failure?


If you have just stepped into blogging then this blog post is just for you.

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After reading the life journey of successful people, one thing I have learnt is that they were able to do things better than other, that’s the reason of their success.

I have compiled few factors which often leads to blogs failure and sheer disappointment.

 The reasons for Blogs failure.

1. Niche.

Niche is the topic which will be the centre of attraction in your blog. Success somehow depends on niche, taking a niche which you never heard about is like jumping from plane without a parachute. Rather then selecting multiple niche you should go for single niche.

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The process of niche choice should have:

  • Proper scanning of topic.
  • Personal ability.
  • Future of niche.
  • Competition in niche.

Taking a niche which has bleak future is not a good option. Few niche are extremely crowded. Avoid taking such niche for your blog.

For example: Travel blogging is a crowded niche.

2. Undisciplined approach.

The first thing which school teaches us is Discipline whether primary or elementary. The discipline is an aspect of your life which will take you to success. If there is lack of discipline you can never succeed at anything. Blogging is a profession which requires strict discipline, you should clearly list your goal and the approach you are going to opt for it.

Setting of unrealistic goals will take you no where.

For example: If you have a goal of writing 10 blog post in a month then set up your routine and strategy according to it. Don’t set up goals like writing 100 post in a week.

3. Patience.

It is a common saying that

Good things often take some time.

The other ingredient for a successful blog or the other remedy of blogs failure is Patience. If you are a blogger, you might have an idol or influencer bloggers who made you start blogging, then you may know they have spent more than a decade in blogging, the Patience is the key. If you don’t have patience then you don’t belong here.

For example: The bloggers after writing 1-2 blog post start applying for Google AdSense and various other affiliate programs, eventually being rejected.

4. Blogging – A money-maker

There are thousands of blogger who have assumed this statement to be true and jumped into it. Blogging is certainly a best option but it’s more of a long-term investment and not short-term money-making schemes. The effort which you put into your blog today will bear fruit after six month.

Blogs failure

Some videos on YouTube shows blogging as an easy task through which you can earn fortunes within few days, reality is far from it. Making it a sole reason of Blogging will result in no income and of course blogs failure.

5. Social media.

The other reason of your blogs failure is insufficient use of social media. The various social media sites are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Blogs failure.

The social media sites will serve the following purposes:

  • Bring tons of traffic

  • Connect you with blogging community

  • Increase your knowledge.

  • Helps in backlinking.

  • Get you more shares.

6. Content is getting outdated.

Updating older content is as important as creating new content. Average life of blog post is around 2-3 years, so your content needs to be updated often because audience hate half-cooked articles and to avoid losing a visitor keep updating your content.

7. Stocking content.

It’s not advisable to store up content for further or future blog post. Either use those for guest posting and  article submission so that you can get valuable back links. A Blog without back links don’t get noticed and ranking in Google is impossible. So get aggressive on backlinking.

8. Assuming yourself over others.

This is more of a egoistic mistake then other technical mistakes. When your blog start growing, the other bloggers would ask you for help either in form of sharing your experience or allowing them as  guest blogger. Be humble , be grounded as you never know where destiny will take you.


These are some of the things holding you and your blog back. Never assume yourself as an encyclopedia, keep learning and keep these few things in your mind. Your efforts will bear fruit but be there to enjoy it.

Happy Blogging.

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