How to start a Blog

How to start a Blog

Are you fasicnated by the online world ?

Want to be part of it ?


Then you have came to right spot , I’ll assist you in bringing your business , blog or whatever online. So let’s get started.

Setting up a website is just like a building a house. You will come to know how as we progress on this article.

Step : 1

Decide what to blog.

Before getting started with your blog , the first thing you should search for a suitable Niche. For example : Advantages of various products , fashion and SEO.

The niche you should select should be about .

1. The subject which have plenty of room for discussion. The topics which have limited period should not be taken up as niche as blogging is a permanent and a long journey. For example : Seo or blogging tips.

2. Don’t take up a topic which you don’t enjoy blogging about , it should be about passion . The thing done without interest doesn’t last long. For example : If you have interest in books start a blog about reviews of various books.

Step : 2

Buying a Domain name.

Buying a Domain name is just like buying a land for your house . As in order to distinguish your blog from other you need to have a Domain name . It’s like an online address , if someone searches that address will land on your page.

Choosing a Domain name should not take ages. The select a Domain name that is easy to remember , spell and is eye catching. Always remember it’s not the domain name but your content that will promote and represent you.

There are many domain registration companies but I prefer these two companies :

They are reputed domain registration companies with 24×7 customer support and plus there are tons of coupon code available online.

Step : 3

Buying a suitable host.

Buying a suitable hosting is second most important step for you to come online. A host provides server space for your site. Put simply, when your site lives on a server (instead of on your personal computer on your desk), others can find your site on the internet.

Now you have options in this. Either you can go for a free host like Blogger or or you can go for WordPress org


Guide to WordPress(.com and .org) and blogger

If you want to gain some experience before really starting then go with Blogger or

But if you want to be a professional then you have to buy a good host. They would provide you the space to put your site online.

There are many host providing company but I would recommend the following :

These are the leading website hosting companies and host Gator alone host 9 million sites being second to bluehost.

Step : 4

Installing WordPress

After buying a host you have to login into the cpanel of your hosting company with your username and password and then you have to download the software named WordPress. 

After downloading it set up your username and password and when you are done you can log in your account and start customizing your site. There are thousands of plugins and theme. It helped me to join the online world. It’s very easy to use and the person like me with zero knowledge of HTML can blog and share my views with you online.

Step : 5

Starting blogging

The first post is very important for a blogger. The post should be influencial and should clearly state your niche , hobbies and should address the audience. The audience want to know the reason why are you Blogging ?  , tell them the reason and if you have a personal story behind it audience will love it.

What should be your first post ?


Congratulations you are in the online world . Enjoy your journey , let’s go together and let’s fulfil your passion and dreams.

Happy blogging.

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