How to Index blog post quickly

How to Index blog post quickly

After you write a new blog post, the first thing comes into mind is that:

Will this post appear in the Google search?

How to index Blog post?

Index blog post

Some blog post get indexed in few minutes while other take around 1-2 days to get indexed, the speed of indexing depends upon few factors. If taken care, you can make an exceptional post which will take few hours to get indexed.

Let’s take about the process of indexing.

What is the process of indexing?

  •  Googlebot is a software created by google to collect data and webpages from around the world.
  • First the bots crawl every webpages, in this process the Googlebot goes one webpage to another webpage and return back to the google. It collect every data on the webpage like content, meta data etc.
  • After crawling the webpages, the Google is ready to index webpages according to their search engine visibility. Google check many points before indexing like content , keyword density, backlinks of the webpage etc.


The factors affecting rate of indexing

Factor: 1

Quality of content.

The content quality is directly proportional to the rate of indexing. The features of quality contents are:

  • Minimum 500-600 words.
  • Unique content.
  • No Plagiarism of content.
  • Unique Title and meta description.
  • The value imparted by the content.

The Google loves the sites providing high quality content and keep this sites ahead of other sites. Google is basically biased to the content, the post from the high content sites index very quickly and it not only index but start ranking in search engines.

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Factor: 2

On Screen SEO.

The webpages must be  SEO( search engine optimization) optimised that means :

  • Should have a focused keywords.
  • Appropriate Titles
  • Appropriate meta description.
  • The images should have alt tag.
  • Proper interlinking of blog post
  • The Title and URL of the pages should have specified keywords.

If a blog post is made considering these points the Google bot would easily crawl through your sites and would fetch the information for Google which would lead to indexing of post.

Factor: 3

Off screen SEO ( backlinks )

The backlinks are also an important factor in indexing and ranking of a blog post. The backlink are often given importance by the Google bots and Google resulting in rapid indexing and high rank in Google search.

Please see the number of backlinks do not matters what matters is quality of back links, the high quality back links are a genie for a website.

I have seen many post on

How to index blog post ?

The authors mainly emphasis on the number of backlinks. According to Google new update the post having low quality back links are penalised and there ranking is severely affected. It’s better to have less back links but of high DA and PA.

Factor: 4

Submit a Site map.

Submitting a site map may boost the rate of your indexing. A site map is a map of your site having all information about your post , images and all other things. Yoast plugin can help you to make a sitemap. In order to submit a sitemap you have to submit your site to Google Search Console.

Then under the options of the sitemaps submit a sitemap which would help Google bot to analyze your whole site.

Factor: 5


Interlinking is very important part of the indexing and ranking strategy.

internal linking plays major role in SEO because you know the Google bot goes one page to another page via links. So link your old blog posts in your new post if needed.

Other benifit is that the readers will spend more time on your page which indirectly improves your ranking.

Factor: 6

Social media

Social media is a great platform to search your blog post , you will not only get visitors from there but also you will get bleak back links which will be beneficial for your websites growth.

The social bookmarking is also a great option for traffic

The good social bookmarking sites are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Stumble upon
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest


Making post after keeping these constraints in mind would surely make google to index your website rapidly.

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