The First Post

The First Post

Journey of thousand miles start with one step.

Lao Tzu

First post
The first step is usually the hardest step to take. After starting the adventure of the running a blog the primary impediment comes to your route is the first submit or first post.

What must be your first post ? How to write the first blog? usually take into account beginning is the hardest factor in the adventure. The hard things need to be done in a sophisticated way. when you clear this obstacle your adventure might come to be clean and enjoyable.

There is no such guide available for the first post. It depends from individual to individual. Some start directly with the subject matter , some with life experience and so on…………..

But from my experience as a blogger I had provide you with a concept or you can say the blue print of the first post. Although when I began I didn’t maintain this factor in my mind , i’m hoping you might get a little help out of it.

A blog is made for the people to read , so why not start with a formal introduction to them.


You’ve just jumped into the online world, and no one knows anything about you. If I am supposed to trust you and bookmark your blog, then I will need to know who you are.

The first post of your blog shall be catchy , nothing is more catchy than a particular and precise introduction whether it’s a interview or blog or some other aspect , it needs a specific introduction

The introduction have to include your name , a brief up gist about your way of life , your experience , motive behind blogging and many others

Why are you blogging ?

The introduction should also throw some limelight on the reason of your blogging.

Whether you are blogging for money or out of passion ?

Try to come up with some heart touching life experience of taking up the blogging as a hobby. For instance the hunger of writing never satisfied in me , so I’m here to satisfy myself .

These types of introduction makes reader carve for your further post and would definitely bookmark your blog

Don’t forget to put light on these

Is this your first blog ?

How long you have been blogging ?


The audience will be more interested if you have past experience , share with them few of your previous blog posts.

What are you going to blog about ?

It’s important for you to make your audience clear that , what type of information you will be providing. The first post should clearly state the niche of your blog whether it is technology , fashion , lifestyle , SEO or whatever.

A blog should be revolving against a particular niche as it is easier to rank it in search engines , the Google algorithm ranks higher the blog with particular niche. This will decide the type of audience you will be having a technology loving audience will not visit a fashion blogger site.

if you are not sure approximately your area of interest then you can explain the numerous subjects that are you going to cover in this blog. that could help them to recognize you and your blog.

Niche discussed here

Blogging goals.

The first post should clearly some of the blogging goals of the blogger , this would show the audience your passion and commitment towards it , The goals should be legitimate and capable of being achieved. Setting up unrealistic goals would show audience how serious about your blog and would guide the traffic away from your blog.

The blogging goals should be like…

20 blog post in 2 months.

500 users in first month.

The blogging goals should not be like……

1 million traffic in first month.

Number 1 rank in search engines.

Summing up

On the stop of the first post you may point out the approaches for the target market to hook up with you , if you help commenting on the publish or not , visitor posting or link constructing and many others.

tell your audience how often they can count on your weblog put up , either as soon as a w

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