11 reasons to start blogging

11 reasons to start blogging

Welcome , In the online world . There are about 100 blogs added to the internet every minute and you are still pondering over on

11 reasons to start blogging

Why is should start blogging ?

There are thousands reasons that you should start blogging. I’m gonna mention some of them. So let’s start the discussion.

Reason : 1

A way to disciplined life.

A bloggers job is a full time job , needs utmost dedication and hard work. Blogging will definitely make your life a disciplined and more schedule centric.

Personally, I’m lazy person and showing up at regular intervals was never my cup of tea.

 But with my blog, I have an incentive to show up, to write and publish often, to get my blog going on and engage my audience with my blogs.

Reason : 2

Confidence booster.

I was an introvert when I started blogging. I’m still an introvert but the confidence level is certainly higher than before.

Blogging helps you to be daring , you will be no longer afraid to make mistakes.

With running a blog, you learn to recognize and build your strength, and additionally admit and improve on your weaknesses. With conversations going on on your blog, you learn to listen to your praise without being carried away and take criticisms with out dropping your cool.

Reason : 3

New skills and creativity.

Blogging along with confidence also bring new skills in you along with a creative eye. The bloggers need to create unique and coherent which is only possible if you inculcate the creativity , increased vocubalury and driving away nervousness.

These skills would help you in long terms and a blogger gets these skills just for free just with a little hunger to learn.

Reason : 4

Ease of use.

The blogging had been made very easy and simple. You can have your site running online in about 15 minutes and you don’t need any knowledge of HTML and coding. You all need is a Domain name , hosting , a quick install of WordPress and it’s millions of customizing option will give your website a professional look.

It have helped millions of people who had no prior knowledge on creating a blog do that already. So, anyone can now start a blog.

How to get started with blog ? :

Reason : 5

It will cost you just pennies.

There is no huge investment in the blogging stream. You just need to buy a Domain and reliable hosting which won’t cost you more than 2 cups of coffee for each month.

There are free platform like Blogger , Tumblr and others which won’t cost you a penny but if you wanna start with self hosted WordPress then you need few dollars.

Reason : 6

You will be an example.

With some patience and exemplary post in your niche , you will be an example for other bloggers in your niche. The bloggers who take their site to a higher level automatically becomes a example for others.

Reason : 7

Permanent income source.

Everything is waste if you don’t get a reward for your hard work. The appreciations are great but nothing is more motivating than the money. The monetary gains are the ultimate motivators for a blogger , ultimately a blogger needs a permanent income source so that none can come between him/her and blogging.

There are many ways of earning money online like :

  • Revenue from ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid reviews
  • Direct sales

The blogging provide a permanent income source but it need patience.

Click the image below for complete guide of making living with Blogging.

Reason : 8

Peace of mind.

The modern world is stressful , troublesome and patienceless. It’s difficult to find the peace of the mind. We all have become multitasker in order to manage the time. As there was 6 tabs running on my laptops ( YouTube , Gmail, Facebook , WordPress and songs etc ).

While , I write this post I’m able to momentarily focus my mind on one stream of conscious thoughts. Doing this can be particularly very hard in nowadays scenario as the blinking Facebook notification is also a distraction but I’ll ignore these while I’m blogging.

Reason : 9

Improve the writing skills.

I suck at writing. I’ve maybe taken 3 writing classes throughout my life. But just like anything else, practice makes a man perfect and the more I write on my blog the more I find my skills improving slowly but surely. And when you consider that most work and is done over email, you quickly realize that it’s much more critical to have good writing skills than ever before. The improved writing skills is a huge bonus nowadays.

Reason : 10

Building an audience.

People are attracted towards things and places they get value from. When you start a blog, you can start creating value and building an audience.

The more you blog , the more audience you engage. The sites with excellent brand values have a huge Audience and gets approximately millions of hits each day.

Reason : 11

It will make you happy

Personally, I’ve found that the feeling of having inspired or saved someones time is what gives me the greatest joy. I’ve heard many other people say the same thing.

And since I’ve embraced blogging, it has helped me become more generous with my knowledge. There’s an amazing bliss I feel with every positive comment, email, tweet and Facebook share I get from readers whose worlds my words have impacted.

It’s a great feeling and money cannot buy it. There are no substitutes to that feeling.

Happy blogging.

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26 Replies to “11 reasons to start blogging”

  1. Thanks for this wonderful piece of information. I started blogging not too long ago and I have already begun to experience most of these things. I am way more disciplined now, I used to be really disorganized. Still hoping to start making money from it though.

  2. I blog for quite a few of these reasons. I think it’s wonderful for just about everybody. Over the years, I’ve had blogs on different topics. I love the freedom and hope to be able to monetize more.

  3. Fantastic reasons to start blogging – I’d agree with the introvert one. I’m an introvert in real life and feel that the virtual world gets me to practise not being an introvert!

  4. I agree on all points but not really the money making one. This is a wrong motivation for being in a creative field. Many people come in because of the fascination of making money and getting expensive stuff but the output that they are giving and getting both isn’t quite up to the mark. Resulting in negative sentiments to industry and to them as well.

  5. This is very inspirational post. Since I started blogging, I have developed a good writing skills, built relationship with many new bloggers. Good post.

  6. Very nice post. I agree on most things, with a little “but” on your #5 point. I think that’s true when you’re starting out, but the more serious your blog is, the more investment it will need. Yes, you can have a blog for free on WordPress.com, but later you’ll need a host, plugins, different apps and tools. All that stuff costs money. If your blog is successful, you won’t have a problem getting the investment back tenfold, but it is an investment and it will probably be more than a few pennies.

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