10 Things To Remember Before Hiring an SEO Expert

10 Things To Remember Before Hiring an SEO Expert

Are you looking to hire an SEO Expert for your brand? Make sure you check out these tips before hiring the perfect one.

Starting a business always has risk involved. And when it comes to promoting your brand, you need the best in the field to do the task for you. And then there’s SEO – Optimizing your website in such a way that you start receiving traffic from some of the most popular search engines like – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

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Doing SEO for a website is a daunting task, and when there’s a whole team involved, the risk involved is way higher. Here the risk we are talking about is the danger of getting the website penalized by practicing outdated or black-hat SEO practices. Therefore, to choose the best SEO Expert, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid such circumstances.


Tips to Hire a Perfect SEO Expert for your business.


  1. Make sure the SEO Expert you hire has a website to showcase their results

    If the person you hire to the SEO work for you has no website, it clearly states that the person is a novice in SEO field or will probably outsource your project to others.

  2. Always check for their work profile.

    If the SEO Expert you are hiring has done something to impress you, research a bit about it. Never forget to check if the person is genuine. Nothing could be perfect if you are served with a case study on how they ranked their own websites.

  3. Do a background check.

    There are many cases of fraud SEOers who takes the payment in advance and then never show up. Never trust someone without any official social profiles or work profiles. A perfect tip to avoid scammers. (A social media check is always recommended to avoid fraud cases)

  4. Testing the knowledge.

    Make sure the SEO expert you are hiring knows what’s trending in SEO industry and sticks to the latest trends. Also, ask them what recent updates are going on in SEO.

  5. Analyze their Content Marketing skills.

    Content marketing is what sets apart the Cheap SEO guys to professionals. A good SEO Expert would never rely on old link building techniques and will always focus more on content marketing.

  6. Ask for the Samples.

    Ask them some of the sample sites where they will promote your content or build links. If they choose high-quality websites, over the ones that look like spam sites, he knows his job pretty well.

  7. Choosing between Quantity or Quality.

    The most important part of hiring a freelance SEO expert would be to test his knowledge of quantity over quality. While building links if he chooses the quantity instead of quality, you got yourself a reason to move on and avoid him.

  8. Must be Result Oriented.

    A good SEO Expert would definitely bring you results and focus more on bringing you more organic traffic and leads. Instead of getting scammed by someone who guarantees to rank for a useless keyword always look for someone who knows how to bring results. Which brings us to the next point.

  9. Knows how to do Keyword Research.

    The most important factor of SEO is Keyword Research. Always look for someone who knows how to do proper keyword research. Many SEO Agencies cheats their clients by choosing very low competition keywords with negligible search volume. These keywords never bring results.

  10. An expert in Competitive Analysis.

    Make sure they know how to do competitive analysis using various tools. Analyzing your competition would definitely bring in more results. If your SEO guy knows how to check your competitor’s back links and their ranking strategies, feel safe to put your money on him.

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All in all, never fall for someone who is a beginner in SEO field or has no background of ranking websites.
These tips will not just help you in selecting the best SEO expert for your business but will also save you from a lot of fraudster’s out there.

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